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Find the BEST tools & services for all your Partnerships and Affiliate activity.

Affiliate & Partner Agencies


An award winning, forward thinking, global affiliate marketing agency made up of a team of experts all committed to accelerating revenue growth through quality partners.

The Redman Agency

The Redman Agency specialises in affiliate program management and new program launches, this data driven boutique agency delivers exceptional long term success.


2QL create trusted relationships! They have been working with performance traffic in E-commerce & Travel segment since 2020, with over 100+ GEO's and 1k+ content sites.

Acceleration Partners

Accleration partners is an award winning Global Performance Marketing agency specializing in helping brands scale and finding innovative solutions to grow.

Affiliate Networks


Our global affiliate marketing platform empowers advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online. 25,000 customers utilise Awin’s affiliate marketing platform.


Optimise is a leading global Partner Marketing Network that delivers global reach and local market expertise. With over 20 years’ experience and trusted by over 800 global brands.

Impact makes high-value partnerships possible by understanding every stage of the customer journey. One platform to manage your universe of partners.

Partner Recruitment Tools

Publisher Finders

A quality source of web publishers and influencers that participate in affiliate programs with companies, so you can be reach out to them and recruit them to join your affiliate program.


Findr reduces the time and money spent securing that all-important discovery call with a vetted decision-maker at a target business. Perfect for finding new partnerships.

Partnerize Spotlight

Find new affiliate partners with Partnerize's Partner Spotlight tool giving you behind the scenes access to partners, influencers and affiliate publishers.

Influencer Marketing Consultants

Influencer Consultant Database

The ultimate influencer consultant database. Founders, CMOs, and Marketing Managers who need advice / help with influencer marketing can find a consultant here. Credit: Paiame Shalalvand.

SaaS Tools


Assumed lets you use trackable contacts to vet data partners and vendors to ensure they are not abusing the data provided. Assumed allows you to detect indicators of data leaks, validate your customer experience, and vet your partners effortlessly.


Whether you are a 1-man organization or a company that generates thousands of leads per day, our lead distribution software, equipped with powerful analytics backed by AI models, will save countless hours and maximize your revenue on every lead.

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Our community of Partnerships & Affiliate professionals is now 10,000+ strong. With thousands of students signing up to our courses and downloading our expert templates.

500+ Positive Reviews

Our courses have amassed over 500+ positive reviews and it's growing daily. This makes our courses in the top 5% of all courses on the popular e-learning platform Udemy.

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Our LinkedIn community is the fastest growing group of Affiliate & Partnership professionals. A highly engaged group of followers eager to learn and become partnership experts.

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